Warriors of Belirium: an indie game inspired in classic games

“Before going full indie I was working as a game programmer for more than two years, using actionscript 3 making flash games. Now I use Construct 2 to make games.” This is how Aryadi Perwira Subagio starts his interview with the GameDev Academy about his experience as a game developer. He recently developed Warriors of Belirium an action … Read moreWarriors of Belirium: an indie game inspired in classic games

Critical Analysis of the Game Conceptualization Guide

game conceptualization example

This guide is intended to help you analyze your results from the first game conceptualization guide. If you have not read the first guide or played the game attached, please do so to maximize your benefit from this guide. Howdy again! This guide is intended to walk you through the various choices presented in the … Read moreCritical Analysis of the Game Conceptualization Guide

ePig Games: the surfing saga

ePig Games is a Saga of Video Games from our stricking character eddie with more than 1,5 Million Downloads. Nicolas Palacios has agreed to answer a few questions for us on his experience as a video game developer. [button link=”https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/epig-surf/id453161046?l=en&mt=8″_blank” style=”none, small, large, biglarge” title=”DOWNLOAD FOR IOS”][/button] So Nicolas, what is your game about?  Summer’s … Read moreePig Games: the surfing saga

A Murder Mystery Simulation Game

Berathen Games is an independent game development group stationed near the beach front in Virginia. This game development team was formed by gaming enthusiasts, people who could easily claim they spend far more time delving into video games then most people focus on their careers. With such an intense passion for interactive entertainment it is … Read moreA Murder Mystery Simulation Game

Conclave – A Tabletop-style Multiplayer RPG

A couple of friends, fans of the tabletop RPGs since they were kids created Conclave a challenging solo or group game. Derek Bruneau and Nick Branstator, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about game developing with us!   Can you tell us something about yourself? 10×10 Room is the two-person team of Derek Bruneau and Nick Branstator. We’ve been friends … Read moreConclave – A Tabletop-style Multiplayer RPG

Liran’s Lab a Game by an Early Twenties Developer

Liran’s Lab is a puzzle game where you control Liran, the main character, and attempt to each the exit of each puzzle while avoiding being eaten by his creations. This game was developed by Jason Spafford, a young game developer in his early twenties who really enjoy making a wide variety of games. Can you tell us … Read moreLiran’s Lab a Game by an Early Twenties Developer