How to Make Games Without Any Artwork

how to make games without artwork

When making games you need to worry about many different things which can make it look intimidating at first: Game development: programming the game logic. Game assets: images, artwork, sound, animations. Game content: levels, story. There is an easy way to take one of the three out of the equation for when you are just … Read more

Phaser Beginners Tutorial – Working with Sprites

The following collection is part of The Complete Mobile Game Development Course – Learn by Making 15 Games, and covers the basics of using Sprites in Phaser. This includes sprite positioning, rotation, scaling and flipping. Hopefully these videos will help you get started with this awesome framework! These videos are hosted in Zenva‘s YouTube channel. … Read more

The Complete Mobile Game Developer Course – Funded on Kickstarter

The Complete Mobile Game Development Course

Thanks to the 572 backers that made this campaign a success! The Complete Mobile Game Development Course is a comprehensive video tutorial that will teach you how to create 15 mobile games using JavaScript + the free Phaser library, and how to publish them to iOS, Android and Amazon. This project was successfully funded through … Read more

HTML5 Phaser Tutorial – Top-Down Games with Tiled

phaser tutorial top-down games with Tiled

I’m a huge fan of top-down 2D games, mainly RPG’s, adventure games and dungeon crawlers. In this tutorial we’ll create a basic template you can use to make your own top-down games using Phaser, an awesome HTML5 game framework. This template will be expanded in further tutorials to add the ability to move between levels, … Read more

HTML5 Phaser Tutorial – SpaceHipster, A Space Exploration Game


They say space is the final frontier. We haven’t got very far when it comes to exploring it, but what if you could bypass this sad reallity by playing a retro-style space exploration game called SpaceHipster? Moreover, what if you could learn how to make this simple game from scratch using the awesome Phaser framework? … Read more

HTML5 Mobile Game Development with Phaser

HTML5 Game Development with Phaser



What if you could make games for iOS, Android and the web using the technologies you already know and love: HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

Learn game development by creating an infinite runner similar to Jetpack Joyride!

In this course you will learn how to create mobile games using Phaser, an awesome JavaScript library that allows you to create professional games for both mobile and desktop using HTML5.

By following the Learn by Doing approach that you find in all ZENVA courses, we’ll put together an infinite runner game, similar to the iOS best-seller Jetpack Joyride.

HTML5 game development with Phaser

This course was created by Jeremy Dowell (a.k.a. Codevinsky) in collaboration with Pablo Farias Navarro, founder of ZENVA. Jeremy is a core member at the HTML5GameDevs forum and contributor to the Phaser engine. After coding in JavaScript for the best part of the last decades, Jeremy has authored web and mobile games in HTML5 and iOS, applications using Node.js and Angular, and technical tutorials for various platforms and technologies

What you will learn in this course:

  • Preloading your game assets such as images, sound and JSON files.
  • Creating an infinite runner with parallax effect.
  • Adding text and working with user input (touchscreen and mouse).
  • Animating characters and enemies.
  • Working with 2D physics.
  • Showing the high scores in a scoreboard.
  • Adding sound effects and music to your game.
  • How to make your game juicy, going belong a simple playable demo.

Will I get a certificate after course completion?

Yes :)

Zenva Academy diploma

By completing any course at Zenva Academy you are awarded by a completion diploma which can be verified via URL and exported to LinkedIn to boost your career and impress potential employers.