Videogame Development in Chile

On December 15th 2009, Alejandro Woywood made the initial invitation to create VG Chile. Now, almost four years after, this south american association brings together at least 80 video games created at Chile and has become an important and trustable source of innovation and creativity. VG Chile stands for “Video Game Chile” an Association of … Read more


Feature your games

The GameDev Academy is an online community that aims to promote game development by providing high quality resources and knowledge to aspiring game developers. This is achieved by the following methods: Tutorials focusing on game and programming skills. Interviews to real game developers or people in the industry where aspiring game developers can learn from … Read more

Create a HTML5 Game from Scratch (83% OFF)

create a html5 game from scratch

Making games is a lot easier than you think. Imagine you could learn how to make HTML5 games that run in all browsers and Windows 8 with our HTML5 game development tutorial in only 2.5 hours! Well, that is exactly what this course does.

We know you’ve always wanted to make your own games. Don’t keep postponing it. Start TODAY

Learn how to create a Zelda-like action game demo from scratch using only Javascript and HTML. No experience or previous knowledge is required! Although knowing the basics of HTML and Javascript is recommended.

This HTML5 game development tutorial is aimed for both beginners and more advanced users who may have HTML5 experience but haven’t got into games yet.

Some of the topics you’ll learn by building this game from total scratch:

●  Creating a basic game that can be embed in any website and can be played with just a web browser.

●  Displaying a map and characters on the screen.

●  Moving a player on this map.

●  Using collision detection to simulate the shooting of bad guys.

●  Adding enemies to your games.

●  Adding sound to your games.

●  Putting it all together to create a fun playable demo.

●  All game files, including images and sound are available at the end of each chapter for download.

This HTML5 game development tutorial has been created by Jacob Deichert in collaboration with Pablo Farias. Jacob has created comprehensive HTML5 game dev screencast tutorials on YouTube and other platforms.