Best Beginner’s Online Coding Classes

Best Beginner's Online Coding Classes

Do you want to learn how to code? Assuming the answer is yes – and assuming we don’t need to extol why coding is a fantastic skill to learn – the next obvious question is how? How does one learn how to code? Well, in our busy modern lives where going to physical classes is not … Read more

Best Programming Languages for Game Development

Best Coding Languages for Game Development

So, you’re ready to start creating your very own video games.  However, there comes an important question to answer when you start: what programming language should you learn how to code? While arguably most programming languages can be used to create games, including high-level languages like Python, some choices do have more benefits than others.  … Read more

How to Make an HTML5 Game

how to make a html5 game

Although Flash games have departed from this world, there is still a significant demand for browser-based and cross-platform games. Whether you yourself actively play them or not, more and more games from professional and indie developers alike come out each day. This phenomenon is largely thanks to HTML5 games which have filled the gap to … Read more

KaiOS Game Development Tutorials – Complete Guide

KaiOS Game Development Tutorials - Complete Guide

Although many of us enjoy our hardy Android and iOS smartphones with regular consumption, there is no doubt that this is not the case for everyone. Some regions simply do not have access to common smartphones in a regular capacity. For others, most smartphones are simply just too expensive. Then there are consumers who just … Read more

How to Write a JavaScript Comment: Beginners Tutorial

How to Write a JavaScript Comment: Beginners Tutorial

When developing any sort of project, occasionally you want to write code or notes that you don’t want the computer to read. Whether this is to explain something to yourself, helps you test things, or something in-between, these sorts of additions are not only very useful, but quite common in professionally developed programs. If you … Read more

Godot 4.0 Tutorials – Complete Guide

Godot 4.0 is the next major update for the Godot game engine. In January 2018, Godot 3.0 was released which introduced many new features such as a new rendering engine and improved asset pipelines. With the alpha release of Godot 4.0 being aimed for 2021, similar major advancements are to be expected. Vulkan Rendering Engine … Read more

Best Game Engines of 2021

Best Game Engines of 2020

When it comes to game development, choosing the right game engine for your game can make or break the entire experience.  There are also a lot of factors to consider: What kind of game are you trying to make? Is your game 2D or 3D? How experienced are you? How vibrant is the engine or … Read more

How to Playtest your Game – Game Design Tips

How to Playtest your Game - Game Design Tips

At some point during the game development and game design process, you’re going to be faced with a terrifying prospect: having to have another person experience the game that you’ve made. It’s never an easy thing to put yourself out there like that, but it’s an important step to take if you have plans to … Read more

How to Handle User Interactions with SFML

How to Handle User Interactions with SFML

You can access the full course here: Discover SFML for C++ Game Development Handling User Interactions There are many ways in which a user can interact with your program from pressing buttons, to opening and closing windows, and even simple events like moving a mouse. Each of these interactions triggers an event which we capture … Read more