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Making Coding Accessible: 182 Scholarships for Women Who Code

Recently Zenva was honoured to partner with Women Who Code, a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging …

From Guitar Teacher to Game Developer and Online Instructor – Game in the Making Interviews

From guitar teacher to game developer and online instructor. Ben Kane Johns believes the journey …

Ghostship Aftermath
Interview to a Sci-Fi Game Developer

Shaun T Williams is a game developer inspired by sci-fi and horror movies such as Event horizon, …

battle rpg warriors of belirium 2
Aryadi’s Development Diaries – Warriors of Belirium Battle RPG

Aryadi is a game developer from Indonesia and contributor to the GameDev Academy making a …

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A Murder Mystery Simulation Game

Berathen Games is an independent game development group stationed near the beach front in Virginia. …

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 5.26.02 PM
MageMaze – Developing Oceans Apart

Kristof Minnaert and Michael Dashow, the international two-man team of RoboDojo, met many years ago …

huungree RPG by Zenva
Alpha Testers Needed for RPG

At Zenva, we are happy to announce the first alpha release of our retro RPG …

“Go To Hell Dave” – A Game of Strange Puzzles

Ben Burns & Alex Byrom, the Creative Director of Falchion Games tell us about how a …

Ricardo Silva Interview – Oh my Cat from LoadingPlay

Ricardo Silva was kind to talk to us in the GameDev Academy about LoadingPlay and …