How to Make a Fruit Ninja Game in Phaser – Part 1

Fruit Ninja is a game where you have to cut fruits by swiping your cellphone screen while avoiding cutting bombs. In this tutorial, we will build a Fruit Ninja game using Phaser. To read this tutorial, it is important that you are familiar with the following concepts: Javascript and object-oriented concepts. Basic Phaser concepts, such … Read more

Platformer Tutorial with Phaser and Tiled – Part 3

Until my last platformer tutorial, we created a simple platformer game with some nice content, however there are still some things to add before making it playable. In this tutorial, we will add the following content: Player lives, so now you can actually lose. Items that will increase the player lives or give an attack. … Read more

Platformer Tutorial with Phaser and Tiled – Part 2

In my last tutorial, we built a platformer game using Phaser and Tiled. In the following two tutorials we will add content to this game, making it more complete. In this tutorial, the following content will be added: Bigger levels, and two of them, so we can use the multilevel feature we implemented in the … Read more