Land of the Labyrinth – Developer Interview

Marc Echave, Fabien Rixens, Paulo Milanez and Bradley Anderson form Huracan Studio, a new independent video game company but whose members have been around in the video game industry or computer graphics for a while. They’re responsible for the “Horror fans dream come true” game Terrordrome: Rise of the boogeymen and had gained a certain trust from its followers … Read moreLand of the Labyrinth – Developer Interview

How to get inspired by a real life game: Doodle Chains

A group of friends is the best combination to create a great game! That’s exactly what happened with Dinger Apps, formed by two students from Brisbane, Australia. Later, a third student joined the crew. Currently, they are still studying and creating android games and apps in their spare time. One of these games is Doodlechains an Android game … Read moreHow to get inspired by a real life game: Doodle Chains

Relive the feeling of an oldie: Arcade Racing Games

For fans who love the old arcade racing games and wants to relive that feeling of what the old 90’s car games had given them, well than Adrenaline Rush is surely one arcade game that you would love. Adrenaline Rush was developed by Emil, an Indie Game developer from Romania who likes to write reviews of … Read moreRelive the feeling of an oldie: Arcade Racing Games

Interview to a Sci-Fi Game Developer

Shaun T Williams is a game developer inspired by sci-fi and horror movies such as Event horizon, Alien and Pandorum who has just created a futuristic survival horror interactive game. Sounds interesting, huh? Ghostship Aftermath is the name of this game set almost 350 years in the future within the CDF universe (Colonial Defense Force). In Ghostship … Read moreInterview to a Sci-Fi Game Developer

Introduction to CSS3 Transitions

A good-looking application must provide user with visual feedback. User must always know that an order (a click, a tap or whatever) is well received and understood by the application andanimations are a great tool to do so. The new HTML 5 specification (to be honest, I should say “the new CSS 3 specification”) introduces a great tool to handle simple animations: the transitions. … Read moreIntroduction to CSS3 Transitions

A Murder Mystery Simulation Game

Berathen Games is an independent game development group stationed near the beach front in Virginia. This game development team was formed by gaming enthusiasts, people who could easily claim they spend far more time delving into video games then most people focus on their careers. With such an intense passion for interactive entertainment it is … Read moreA Murder Mystery Simulation Game

Conclave – A Tabletop-style Multiplayer RPG

A couple of friends, fans of the tabletop RPGs since they were kids created Conclave a challenging solo or group game. Derek Bruneau and Nick Branstator, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about game developing with us!   Can you tell us something about yourself? 10×10 Room is the two-person team of Derek Bruneau and Nick Branstator. We’ve been friends … Read moreConclave – A Tabletop-style Multiplayer RPG

Liran’s Lab a Game by an Early Twenties Developer

Liran’s Lab is a puzzle game where you control Liran, the main character, and attempt to each the exit of each puzzle while avoiding being eaten by his creations. This game was developed by Jason Spafford, a young game developer in his early twenties who really enjoy making a wide variety of games. Can you tell us … Read moreLiran’s Lab a Game by an Early Twenties Developer

Bridge to the Moon, a game inspired by the Atlas Shrugged

A husband-and-wife team that recently quit their jobs to make games full time. Is not a romantic comedy, It’s real life and the GameDev Academy is happy to welcome Hannah and Joe Williams for this interview on how to do #GameDev for a living. Hanna and Joe love RPGs, fantasy, and lots of loot, and … Read moreBridge to the Moon, a game inspired by the Atlas Shrugged

Game Development in Kuwait

There are thousands of ideas that can lead to develop a game. Inspiration is everywhere and creativity can be triggered easily when you’re up to the challenge. For Omar Alhaddad, a video game developer from Kuwait, Education was the main inspiration for the game “Axiom”.  In this post, learn more about Omar and his developing experience. … Read moreGame Development in Kuwait