Programming for Entrepreneurs JavaScript

Programming for Entrepreneurs - JavaScript

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As an entrepreneur have you experienced any of the following symptoms?

  • You have a great idea for a website, an app or a video game and you don’t have the coding skills or the money to hire a developer.
  • You can’t move forward with your idea because you don’t have a technical co-founder and you don’t know how to code.

If the answer is yes let me say that you are not alone. I work with many entrepreneurs and I hear these complaints every single week. The causes of this problem as:

  • All startups, no matter their size and industry, need development. From a simple website that shows who they are and what they do, to more complex solutions such as mobile apps and information systems.
  • Developer as expensive and scarce. But you probably know this already :)
  • They say Programming is the new Math as it is an essential skill to get around nowadays and in the works that’s taking shape, but you weren’t taught how to program at school.

At ZENVA, we’ve decided to tackle this problem and bring you a solution by creating our Programming for Entrepreneurscourse series, aimed to give entrepreneurs the basic programming skills and knowledge so that they have higher chances of success with their business ideas.

In Programming for Entrepreneurs – JavaScript we move on to the next step and teach you all the basics of the JavaScript language. JavaScript can be used to create things such as:

  • Interactive websites
  • Mobiles / TV apps
  • Videogames
  • Server-side applications

In this course, we’ll cover the basics of the language and we’ll work though out a mini-project: an interactive prototype of a dating app.


Feature your games

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How to Make a HTML5 PacMan with Quintus

html5 quintus game dev tutorial

The following tutorial was created by Pascal Rettig (@cykod) and can be found in his site HTML5 Game Dev Tutorial, which will feature a collection of Quintus tutorials. If you’ve been following our Quintus tutorials such as the Math Racing Game or the Mario Clone series you’ll definitely enjoy this tutorial as well. First a … Read more

Lost Decade Games – HTML5 to the Crypt.. and Beyond

lost decade games interview

Lost Decade Games is an award winning indie game development studio from California founded by Geoff Blair and Matt Hackett. They’ve been focusing on HTML5 from the very beginning, when HTML5 gamedev wasn’t yet known and when game engines like Quintus or LimeJS weren’t around to make our lifes easier. Besides making games that can … Read more

PHP Web Application Development with Symfony

php web application development with symfony online course

Learn how to build PHP webapps following Best Practices with the robust Symfony framework

Symfony is a PHP framework design to build modular, robust and scalable web applications. In this course, we’ll cover the basics of the Symfony framework with the usual Learn by Doing approach found in all other Zenva courses.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create basic web applications such as the sample workout log demo we make from scratch through out the course.

In particular, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What is Symfony and what are the benefits of using it in your webapps.
  • Installation and new project creation.
  • Controllers. How to send back HTML or JSON to the user.
  • Routing URLs to specific actions.
  • View and the Twig templating language.
  • Intro to Doctrine ORM.
  • Creating a simple CRUD webapp.
  • Including external assets in your projects.


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html5 mario style game with coins quintus

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