Student Success! Conquering Apple’s App Store with Last Survivor by Jason Lai

Student Success: Conquering Apple's App Store with Last Survivor by Jason Lai

Welcome everyone! Today, we’ll be living it up in the aftermath of a deadly zombie virus infection — as a last man standing of sorts —  with Last Survivor! Without further ado, meet Jason Lai, a Zenva Academy student whose stunning title we are featuring today, Last Survivor (MacOS).  Breeze through our interview with Jason, … Read more

Student Success! Winning the Zenva Phaser Hackathon with Stefan Neidig

Hey everyone! Recently, we displayed the amazing games that our awesome participants created for the first Phaser Hackathon that we’ve ever held. Subsequent to that, we also just finished interviewing the winner of that very hackathon. Read on below to hear the experience of competing in — and winning — the very first Zenva Phaser … Read more