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The GameDev Academy is an online community that aims to promote game development by providing high quality resources and knowledge to aspiring game developers. This is achieved by the following methods:

  • Tutorials focusing on game and programming skills.
  • Interviews to real game developers or people in the industry where aspiring game developers can learn from their mistakes.
  • Online video courses on game development and programming. Some are free and some are heavily discounted.

The GameDev Academy was created and is maintained by Zenva, a tech startup founded by the entrepreneur and developer Pablo Farías Navarro.

More about Zenva:

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Pablo Farias Navarro

Pablo is an educator, developer and entrepreneur. Founder of Zenva, Pablo has published over 30 online courses that teach game, app and web development. Pablo has also created educational content for companies such as Amazon and Intel.

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Looks like I got blocked from your site while fumbling around trying to remember my password. Email is damon@gameheadsoakland.org


You can respond there, if it’s all the same…